We offer a complete graphic communication design, illustration and production service,
from books to websites, to many other printed and electronic items.

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Maps and Site plans

Maniworks Cartography produces quality maps that accurately depict your spatial data. Topics include reference maps for books, magazines, and Wooden Laser-Cut, plotting points of interest, and events maps.

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We offer a freehand illustration service, which is ideal for showing concepts and ideas from content and information. It can be used for a wide range of items, from text heavy educational textbooks, websites, to newspapers:

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Image Editing

We offer a scanning, image cutouts, OCR (optical character recognition) scanning, book digitization, and image adjustment service:

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Cover Design

We offer a book cover design service and can provide creative concepts and designs using typography, photography, illustration and graphic communication. We can provide different designs based on your requirements and brief, from this a design can be fine-tuned and edited, until eventually a final design is chosen which we can setup to the printer’s specification. Challenge our creativity.

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Book Design

We offer a complete book design, illustration and production service, from manuscript to printer specification. We are very knowledgeable about page layout, grid systems, image structure, typography, stylesheets and material considerations (such as paper and binding). We use industry standard software from Adobe, Quark and Office, and strive for highly appealing books and high user productivity. We enhance the graphic communication of your content, making the book enjoyable to use and something people want to invest in.