About Me


Maniworks was founded in 2005 in New Delhi, India. We dreamt of a platform to build high-quality web and print products by following the one thing we are all gifted with: imagination. Maniworks essentially means listening to the chaos and noise swirling in the depths of our imagination and our spirit, and then channeling that passion into something extraordinary.

Maniworks has all the essential skill sets under one roof: our organization is made up of Designers, Developers, Content Writers, Editors, SEO/Social Media Experts and Motivators!

Maniworks caters to a wide spectrum of clients: from individuals and start-ups, to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations. We are passionate about all our work!

Maniworks believes in creating fantastic user experiences! We listen to you very carefully, follow your ideas to the letter, and then lift those ideas to a whole new level!

We have a very deep understanding of Design and the publishing process. We excel in finding solutions to problems which might appear to not have solutions at all! Maniworks customized automation solutions for publishers around the world. Maniworks specializes in creating innovative ways to automate production, saving substantial time and money. Maniworks will create customized solutions for all publishers and designers. At Maniworks, almost no job is too big or too small! If you find yourself spending too much time doing the same of anything in print or web, just send us an email, and we’ll tell you how we can help! Need a custom solution? We are experts in finding the custom solution just for you. Our own resources coupled with our extensive partner connections will certainly fulfill your every need!
So, don’t hesitate or wait.

Contact us today to build a fantastic website, app, E-book, or another amazing print designs for you!